With each beginning a new journey is undertaken, and in each one of these new forms, an experience is born of some moment that life could offer. It is like embarking toward unknown journeys, far away or near, but with no knowledge whatsoever of where one will arrive.

It is an adventure to undertake that unknown challenge that is offered ahead and one must merely allow intuition to move forward and be the one to open the doors to the chosen journey. These are the stories of desires, searches, decisions, questions, mysteries and situations that one encounters in life.

Diferent protagonists begin to represent each piece: Humans, vegetables, animals, celestial beings, who have been given a particular meaning, because the crystals' energy give life to their souls, as each has a particular mission in the cosmos, and they are in a brotherhood united, to understand each other's existence and the notion of not being able to be one without the other, and it is here where accross the universe are born these traveling souls, the crystal souls.

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