Mental lagoons can appear in many forms
It all depends on how convenient is to want them
if they are by choice
or if they are incubating from birth

Age has a lot to do with it

I see
you see
he sees
we see
you all see
or nobody sees because they don't want to

They are a blessing
when there are beatings and traumas

I have some

In the beginning they were passages i buried
because i did not like to remember
now that i try to search for them they are gone
I really don't know if i passed them
and in exchange there are such absurd things
That I carry with me all the time

Too bad these don't have their own lagoons

There are people I no longer know about them
and I wonder if they truly existed
or if they were just the product of my necessity

Lagoons or oceans...

triptic Mental Lagoons
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