It is difficult to name these sculptures fewer than one and only name, because each one holds its own universe. Sometimes, in some of them, the idea is represented by one object or symbol, and in others, different motives entwine to give without restraint a complete story. For this we could tell that a name like "internal stories" suit all the sculptures, because wether the symbol is only one, it generates a whole narration.

The interior of the pieces made of solid forms of body fragments, are visible through the transparent material. Inside them, stories are been told, feelings arise and situations are been described. Entire worlds open with fragments of images or symbols that acquire by themselves a new meaning. Sometimes drawings, other clippings, insects, plant roots, lace cuttings, sequins, glass beads, inside and outside, all form a sampler of the materials that give the works character.

The material, by itself, transmits different sensations. It's ambarine transparency permit, sometimes more than others, to see the objects inside it. The pieces seem like magnifying glasses, amplifying or distorting the figures that overlap between each other, while the spectator moves around them. Sometimes there are internal cracks that look like stripes, giving an ice sensation, like a corporeal explotion being held in time marked by a deep scar.

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